WELCOME to the official re-start of my blog!

My return to blogging comes amidst a haze of activity for me. From taking on new directorships within two fledgling industry organizations to starting another entrepreneurial journey, my life in 2013 is becoming quite interesting. I started this year with a simple statement on Facebook – “2013: The year to prove to myself just how much I am worth” – and six months in, the plans are beginning to materialize. This blog is one of them.

The Daily Dose of DSW – or the DDoDSW – will update daily as the name implies, at 3am (GMT -5). As an avid generalist my interests tend to span multiple related fields. This is reflected in the seven content categories that will be available on the DDoDSW. I recognize not everyone will be interested in all seven, and in response have chosen to post new in rotation – allowing readers to not only get a full preview of my mind and perspective, but also to choose when to give undivided attention to the blog. For a full update schedule and explanation of how things will operate check out the About page.

Expect the content to nearly almost be about creating sustainable and/or profitable change. Whether it be in and/or through Business and Strategy or the design thought and artistry exemplified in Communication and New Media. The DDoDSW is a space to come to participate in the journey of life-long learning; to share your expertise while I share mine; to become further equipped to serve your client, your community and your world.

So, here we are – you and I – ready to embark on a journey of shared experiences and knowledge. We are at the START, so I invite you to share openly, and call me out when the content is weak or the views are skewed. To encourage me when you want to hear more, and throw kudos my way when I get it right.

We are at the START… let’s take the next step…. TOMORROW!