News: The Book… or books

newsFollowing on the advice of a student, I’ve decided that it’s time I chronicled some of the knowledge I’ve been so fortunate to accumulate and write a book… or two… or three. Now that I’ve decided that, all I need to do is:

  1. Start a publishing company (yes, I have decided not to go with a “recognized” publisher);
  2. Register my ISBNs (realized I do NOT need to have the publication completed before getting my ISBN)
  3. Create a marketing strategy
  4. Possibly build a following
  5. …and finally, actually site and write the book

So here is my declaration to the world (yes, the world = people who read this post in particular): By the end of 2014 I will have at least ONE publication out, and ONE in the works and ready to be pumped out in 2014.

Stick close and watch me make it happen!

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