Photo Run 23/05/2013 – Community and Night Sky Photography

First, let me apologize for posting a photo-run that happened in the past. However, this section will always be a week behind as my runs usually take place after the update time. The story behind this run is simple: it was about 1am in the morning and I decided I wanted to capture the moon. The gallery below shows a few images I decided to keep both in their originals (scaled down to 25%) and after SLIGHT edits. I’m still learning photography and shoot with a Canon T4i equipped with the EFS 18-135mm IS STM kit lens. I do not promise you the best photography, but I do promise you an interesting ride alongside me as I practice.

Please note that I make my photos available for free but ask that you credit me if you ever use them.



** PS: I realize this wasn’t posted according to the schedule – I’ve fixed the error **

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