About the DDoDSW


…to the Daily Dose of DSW! Glad you could make it. Greetings aside, if you’re seeing this then you’re more interested in learning more about the DDoDSW than you are about my warm and bubbly personality. Let’s get to it then!


What To Expect

The DDoDSW is a personal blog – let’s keep that in mind. However, it is also the blog of a practitioner in applied research methods, user experience design, business strategy and visual communications. The blog follows trends in practice as well as offering honest views of  what becomes considered standard. Expect objectivity and the willingness to discuss issues that most wouldn’t dare to tread on.

Something else to expect is that updates will be live at 3 a.m. (GMT -5) on an update day.


Update Schedule

There are seven (7) categories here at the DDoDSW and each has its own update schedule. The schedule for the first 3 months (June through August, 2013) is below:

The category with the focus… Updates on…
Business and Strategy Mondays
Ramblings and Social Commentary Tuesdays
Communication and New Media Wednesdays
Research Thursdays
Religion and Spirituality Fridays
Photography Saturdays
News and Reviews Sundays


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