About D'Oyen

I have spent the past thirteen (13) years engaged in the practices of applied research methods, visual communication/design and data driven behaviour-change. My professional engagements have seen me: structuring and executing corporate as well as academic research endeavours; creating content and communication strategy; and driving brand engagement via Internet technology, amongst other things. My work philosophy is founded on three (3) pillars: 1. Challenges can be overcome 2. Measurement is necessary 3. Strategy demands action I am confident that I am adequately equipped to play a positive role within any environment; actively empowering a team and catalyzing the firm’s growth. My specialties are: - Quantitative/qualitative social (political, sociological, market) research methods and data analysis - New/Digital media and culture - Business development, strategy - Communication for behavioral change


  1. What is the meaning of user-centered design?
  2. True or False: a summative usability study would have saved TVJ the embarrassment over “The Voice”?
  3. True or False: Usability begins at the first interaction?
  4. Richard walked into class and exclaimed: “Yow, in here cold!” – what is the variable here?
  5. A client has added Google Analytics (hereafter GA) to their website and is seeing a bounce rate of 80%, what does that mean?
  6. How could ensuring your web-design is C.R.A.P. help to lower the bounce rate
  7. What is a variable?
  8. What are the three averages for the following data distribution: 13245312345422345142314 15243351423314253131435 23131525215423141313142 31324241313242554131224 25131224251413223241513 23244441514132541312141 34 (the spaces are to allow for line breaks, there are multiple instances of 5 values)

Kiwanis Club of Hope, Young Professionals Labour Day Project 2013

On Jamaican “Labour Day” 2013 (May 23, 2013) the Kiwanis Club of Hope, Young Professionals partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Constant Spring to repaint the canteen of the Hope Valley Experimental School. The school, situated on the outskirts of August Town amd Elleston Flats in Kingston Jamaica, represents the government’s efforts to bring together entirely able-bodied children with children with physical impairments in one unified classroom.

Here are some images captured of the activity:

IMG_5569_small IMG_5570_small IMG_5571_small IMG_5572_small

Review of State Capacity to Prepare Wards for Independent Living

The Review of State Capacity to Prepare Wards for Independent Living project is a short-term consultancy to: (1) establish benchmarks and best practices for independent living programs through the review of international programmes; (2) conduct a diagnostic of the current programs and policies regarding wards of the State leaving care; and (3) establish the State’s current capacity to close the gaps and achieve the benchmarks and best practices identified.

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I am the CHANGE

The “I am the CHANGE” programme is a project conceptualized by The Business Lab (Jamaica) and integrated into the Joint Trade Unions” “Centres of Excellence” programme.

The Programme spans eighteen (18) months and is poised to train nearly four thousand (4,000) adolescents and their parents in the tenets of financial literacy and entrepreneurial endeavour. In addition to this, the Programme has also undertaken to train sixty (60) teachers and 10 (entreprenuers) on how to impart these same tenets and identify and nurture the behaviours characteristic of an adolescent entrepreneur.

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UTECH’s BA CAT 2011-2013

The University of Technology (UTECH), Jamaica has added this unique degree to its repertoire of industry-driven, future-shaping qualifications. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Technology focuses on preparing students for a modern world of communication enabled by specialized technology. The program currently has three (3) specializations: Journalism; Advertising; and Public Relations.

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