About Me

I have spent the past thirteen (13) years engaged in the practices of applied research methods, data driven behaviour-change and visual communication and design. My professional engagements have seen me: developing and relaunching brands; creating content and communication strategy; and driving brand engagement via Internet technology, amongst other things.

It has been my great fortune to be exposed to a variety of unique conditions and opportunities that have honed my skills in research and analysis (quantitative and qualitative) as well as strategy and behaviour change. My deep involvement in the growth and change processes of Caribbean firms over the past eight (8) years, coupled with my engagement in academia at the university level beginning five (5) years prior has afforded me the ability to creatively design solutions in environments where timing and resource management are critical to success.

My work philosophy rests upon three (3) pillars:

  1. Challenges can be overcome
  2. Measurement is necessary
  3. Strategy demands action

I am confident that I am adequately equipped to play a positive role within any environment; actively empowering a team and catalyzing a firm’s growth.


Selected notable accomplishments in past roles:

  • Developed the brand (logo, presentation templates, articulated vision statement etc.) and deployed the digital presence (website, learning management system, Twitter, Linked In) of an educational programme. Artefacts created during this exercise were still in use as of May 20, 2013.
  • Created a project proposal that attracted funding to cover its greater than JMD $13.5 million budget for the pilot implementation. The project continues to attract funding and corporate interest in repeat implementations of the project in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.
  • Analyzed and graphically mapped Jamaica’s business approval process. The report produced has directly contributed to: (i) the generalized increase in the efficiency of the system; (ii) the move to key recommendations (e.g. improved and unified data collection mechanisms) to further increase efficiency; and (iii) the publication of an acclaimed guide to starting a business in Jamaica
  • Developed a cluster movement and a body of work consisting technical and marketing information proving the feasibility of the ornamental fish industry in Jamaica. This work continues to fuel international engagement in developing the alternative industry locally.

My digital presence: