1. What is the meaning of user-centered design?
  2. True or False: a summative usability study would have saved TVJ the embarrassment over “The Voice”?
  3. True or False: Usability begins at the first interaction?
  4. Richard walked into class and exclaimed: “Yow, in here cold!” – what is the variable here?
  5. A client has added Google Analytics (hereafter GA) to their website and is seeing a bounce rate of 80%, what does that mean?
  6. How could ensuring your web-design is C.R.A.P. help to lower the bounce rate
  7. What is a variable?
  8. What are the three averages for the following data distribution: 13245312345422345142314 15243351423314253131435 23131525215423141313142 31324241313242554131224 25131224251413223241513 23244441514132541312141 34 (the spaces are to allow for line breaks, there are multiple instances of 5 values)
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