UTECH’s BA CAT 2011-2013

The University of Technology (UTECH), Jamaica has added this unique degree to its repertoire of industry-driven, future-shaping qualifications. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Technology focuses on preparing students for a modern world of communication enabled by specialized technology. The program currently has three (3) specializations: Journalism; Advertising; and Public Relations.

Each specialization is under-girded with training in videography, photography, digital design, new media and research. The program excels at producing individuals who are rounded enough to function as an integral part of any production team, but who also specialize in seeing the “whole story” and maximizing the communication channels and available technology within the conceptualization, production and distribution phases of a project.

From the UTECH website:

“This programme is a four year degree course of study. The B.A. in Communication Arts and Technology offers the most comprehensive communication and media training programme locally. The certification you receive will be a University of Technology, Jamaica Bachelor of Arts degree.

The course of study in Communication Arts and Technology is “hardware” intensive. As such it is required that students have the following tools which are vital help to manage the research, design and production tasks in this course of study in the programme:

  • a laptop or a desktop at home
  • a digital camera”

My involvement in this Programme:

  • Lecturer (New Media elements)
  • Syllabus creation
  • Technology specification
  • Brand creation and deployment
  • Digital presence design, deployment and management

To learn more about UTECH’s BA in Communication Arts and Technology, please:


  • Department of Liberal Studies: (876) 927-6180
  • Communication Arts and Technology Division: (876) 970-5818


  • The Programme Director

    Sydney Lowrie: salowrie [at] utech.edu.jm

  • The Administrative Support

    Silvia Rose: srose [at] utech.edu.jm

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I have spent the past thirteen (13) years engaged in the practices of applied research methods, visual communication/design and data driven behaviour-change. My professional engagements have seen me: structuring and executing corporate as well as academic research endeavours; creating content and communication strategy; and driving brand engagement via Internet technology, amongst other things. My work philosophy is founded on three (3) pillars: 1. Challenges can be overcome 2. Measurement is necessary 3. Strategy demands action I am confident that I am adequately equipped to play a positive role within any environment; actively empowering a team and catalyzing the firm’s growth. My specialties are: - Quantitative/qualitative social (political, sociological, market) research methods and data analysis - New/Digital media and culture - Business development, strategy - Communication for behavioral change

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