Review of State Capacity to Prepare Wards for Independent Living

The Review of State Capacity to Prepare Wards for Independent Living project is a short-term consultancy to: (1) establish benchmarks and best practices for independent living programs through the review of international programmes; (2) conduct a diagnostic of the current programs and policies regarding wards of the State leaving care; and (3) establish the State’s current capacity to close the gaps and achieve the benchmarks and best practices identified.

The project adopts a mixed methods, multi-sample data gathering approach – combining the techniques of elite interviews, focus group discussions and surveys across three distinctly different but crucial samples: the “system’s” administrators; current wards of the state about to leave care; and former wards of the state who have left care between three (3) and thirty-six (36) months ago.

The project is headed by Mrs. Rose Robinson-Hall, a stalwart Social Worker and academic.

My involvement in this Project:

  • Research design
  • Method design
  • Quantitative and qualitative computer-assisted data processing and analysis

To learn more about the Review of State Capacity to Prepare Wards for Independent Living project please:


  • The Project Team: ilpstudyja [at] gmail [dot] com

On a personal note: I believe the joy experienced through embracing the privilege of bearing a child is second only to the pride of seeing a life you have moulded transcend the barriers of “you can”t” and “potential” to achieve self-actualization.

Please – let us take care of our children, they truly are our future… they are our reflections stretched over time.

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