I am the CHANGE

The “I am the CHANGE” programme is a project conceptualized by The Business Lab (Jamaica) and integrated into the Joint Trade Unions” “Centres of Excellence” programme.

The Programme spans eighteen (18) months and is poised to train nearly four thousand (4,000) adolescents and their parents in the tenets of financial literacy and entrepreneurial endeavour. In addition to this, the Programme has also undertaken to train sixty (60) teachers and 10 (entreprenuers) on how to impart these same tenets and identify and nurture the behaviours characteristic of an adolescent entrepreneur.

The “I am the CHANGE” programme adopts a mixed methods pedagogy which includes but is not limited to:

  • Traditional course material and instruction
  • Immersion via a multi-day camp
  • Simulation
  • Community involvement and interaction

 From the Media:

“Apart from producing young  Jamaicans, who are prepared to enter the labour force and positively impact Jamaica’s economy, the programme also seeks to achieve Jamaica’s 2030 Vision by transforming potential job-seekers into potential job creators.\n\nThe ‘I am the Change’ initiative, targets the six upgraded high schools in rural Jamaica, that fall under the Mutual Building Societies Foundation’s (MBSF) Centres of Excellence programme, which supports the Government’s efforts to transform the education system, by working to improve student achievement, teacher quality, and the organisational efficiency of the selected schools through the provision of technical assistance and financial resources.\n\nThe targeted schools are Mile Gully and Porus High Schools in Manchester, Seaforth High in St. Thomas, McGrath High in St. Catherine, Godfrey Stewart High in Westmoreland, and Green Pond High in St. James.”

– excerpted from: Stern welcomes ”I am the Change” Entreprenuerial Programme, Jamaica Information Service, April 23, 2011 > weblink

My involvement in this Project:

  • Concept build-out
  • Proposal writing/preparation
  • Course material development and delivery
  • General administration

To learn more about the “I am the CHANGE” programme please:


  • The Business Lab: (876) 908-4080
  • The Centres of Excellence: (876) 926-1344, ext. 4718



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